Benefits of Using SHIP

The problems associated with Sexual Health, STI and HIV/Aids are continuously changing and remain an ongoing challenge for service providers throughout the world. Before controlling the spread of sexually transmitted infections essential facts need to be determined; Who is infected? How persons infected became infected? Behaviors that impact on the spread of the infection? Where the hot spot infections are? Where the incident of infection is decreasing? What and where preventative measures are having positive results?

STI, HIV and Family Planning clinics plus GP practitioners who are currently using SHIP report the following advantages;

  • Flexible and adaptable in meeting the different needs of individual services.
  • Minimizes the time spent by Clinicians and Administration Staff recording the necessary data.
  • Produces accurate and more effective reports for Public Health Authorities.
  • Provides Service Providers with a more efficient paper-less record for storing extensive medical records.
  • ŸProvides the highest standard of patient confidentiality.
  • Generates accurate summaries/overviews of patient care and treatment, which is more contusive to patient/user involvement.
  • Assess the health needs of the population
  • Identification of target groups.
  • Enhances communication and collaboration in cases where more than one practitioner or organization is involved in the care of a patient.
  • Facilitates the speedy and safe transmitting of information to service users and service providers.

The day to day running of Sexual Health, STI, HIV/Aids and Family Planning Clinics generates important information.  If the information is collected and processed correctly it provides a key component in determining an effective response from Health Authorities, Service Providers and Clinicians.

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