Optional Extras


SHIP HL7 Pathology Download Service:

Using the SHIP pathology download service you can have your laboratory results entered into SHIP without having to transcribe the results manually. This can save your clinic many staff hours and also increase results data accuracy. If your Laboratory can send results electronically and the clinic currently has SHIP with an SQL back end, then SHIP Pathology download would be extremely beneficial to your service.


Waiting room Kiosks, Patient self register in the waiting room, using SHIP kiosk data, linked to SHIP Appointments and Registration information entered in the kiosk populates fields in modules in SHIP.

SMS Service and SSABS (SHIP SMS Appointment Booking System):

SMS is integrated into SHIP and is used to send results to patients, information on clinic changes to services, appointment and medication reminders. The advantages of using SMS are:

  • Phone traffic for result giving can be significantly reduced.
  • Staff time & effort can be targeted more cost effectively towards positive results.
  • Appointment waiting time can be shortened to meet public health needs.
  • Software compatible with and can be delivered through SHIP.
  • Results can be accessed by patients any time, date & anywhere.
  • Cost saving on registered post.
  • Can provide non-repudiated proof of duty of care (if SMS answered or if Secure SMS sent)
  • Increased awareness of clinic Information and new drug/treatments available.


SSABS (SHIP SMS Appointment Booking System):

  • SSABS is accessed by SMS.
  • Reduces  stress in the waiting room – both for clients and staff.
  • To request an appointment slot, the user texts a keyword to the advertised number.  SSABS checks for the next available slot, reserves it and notifies the user.
  • The appointment will be seen in SHIP appointment module.

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